We have been having a cold winter in Atlanta. Some days it has been as cold or colder than Moscow or Finland. They laugh at me when I show up at work with my parka and fur hat. Cold is cold. Dress for it.

It has been so cold my lake has frozen. First time I have seen this, nothing close last year. It didn't totally freeze or anything, but it set up more like a Frozen Daiquiri or something. My truck has finally made it into the shop. I am getting the body work done, fixing the rust from up north. That has to be the single most thing I like about things down here in GA compared to NY. It's not the weather, really. I can dress for the weather and there is beauty in the cold and snow. The cars don't rust. My Brother calls it the "Tin Worms". The government isn't splashing corrosive material on my assets.


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