I have been in Europe for 11 days, mostly The Netherlands and Finland. Overall, looking ahead, I think I have everyday and evening booked in February.

  • Pic 1. Central Finland in winter at 4:00 in the afternoon.
  • Pic 2. Hints at the fairyland side of Finland from the air.
  • Pic 3. Been on this plane several times now. I like the call sign. "Approach Control, Oh-8 with you at 12500."
  • Pic 4. George Patton's Grave at a US cemetery in Europe.
  • Pic 5. Great Sense of humor in Finland
  • Pic 6. This is the tractor I am getting if I get back to farming. I only got it stuck once on my test drive.
  • Pic 7. Great Architecture feels like putting on a pair of jeans just out of the dryer.
  • Pic 8. Venlo, Netherlands
  • Pic 9. This beer was pretty much unbelievable, the stuff on the side of the glass is known as "Brussels Lace" for good reason.
  • Pic 10. What world heritage site is this?
  • Pic 11. Chocolate!
  • Pic 12. "I am looking for an attractive tariff."


David said…
Regarding your picture/question 10: Looks like La Grand-Place in Brussels/Belgium to me. Correct? :)

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