Busy. I shouldn't be blogging. This week will be a blur as last week was.

This weekend, I flew up to NY to pick up my truck and stuff for my new house. There were terrible weather delays in Detroit and I missed my connection. That is not really that big of a deal, but since the weather was bad all day in Detroit, lots of other folks were stranded overnight as well. I found a hotel (miraculously) about 30 minutes away (turned out to be 1.5 hours because of night construction).

Anyway, I drove back down to Atlanta with my truck. It feels weird driving my truck in Duluth. It was a tight schedule for a weekend, the weather delay didn't help.

I am moving. I have to fix the plumbing in my new house though before I can really move in. The new roof is going on today. The new HVAC system is already in.

I caught a view of a nice Sundog amongst the urban sprawl of Atlanta. I was thinking of the 100s of thousands of people who could have seen it, how many did?

When you travel a lot by air you learn some pretty peculiar stuff. Most aircraft have this secret lavatory door lock (lock or release) under the lavatory placard on the door.


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