This has been a long stretch in Duluth GA, 4 weeks, it will be 5 weeks before I leave for South America this weekend. I am looking for houses again/still. It is a bit overwhelming. But, I am closer to zeroing in on exactly what I want and what makes sense.

Here are two pics about one of the most talked about characteristics in the Atlanta area, traffic. The new roundabout is really a revolution near downtown Duluth. It is very anti-Atlanta thinking. Roundabouts or what we used to call "traffic circles" years ago are a great way to keep traffic moving. The car in the pic is somewhat typical. You see Georgia plates with a Dorschel dealer sticker from Rochester NY and a SUNY Geneseo, NY license plate frame. NY State isn't bad, really even in the winter (well that is a stretch some days), but bring your own job. Atlanta is nice. There is a lot to do. You can get anything here and you are close to the country if not in it.


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