I finished up my Authentic Leadership class last week. I think it was 15 weeks. It was fun and a learning experience.

I got my passport back with more pages sewn in. I had run out of pages. These days it harder and harder to run out of pages, The US doesn't stamp it when you return anymore and there are no stamps as you travel around in the EU community (some exceptions). For the 250 USD it cost you would think they would put the pages in straight.

After Easter I am headed to Southern Brazil. It is Fall in the Southern hemisphere.

This is a nice time of year in Atlanta, 55 degrees at night 75 during the day. I have been flying, but haven't scheduled the checkride yet.

I have decided I like my iPad. It is good when you are looking at property in the car; you can get all the stats right there while you are looking at the property.

I have been taking golf lessons. Yes, I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I have decided that Golf is Yoga for Guys.


David said…
Nice, "running out of passport pages". Haven't seen that one before :)

Being a frequent flyer myself (mostly business related) I know that it is not always as 'fun' as people might think when they see you having trips to other countries. But I suppose that can be considered a 'First World Problem', as mention by you in another recent post :)

At least with the amount of miles you are flying each year, I suppose you have the highest status in your airline's mileage program, right? Like HON Circle of Star Alliance. Hope it makes up for some of the inconveniences that come with traveling.

Do you have a 'secret advice' for not getting sick by the air condition in planes, especially on very long trips?

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