I have been busy at work. It is getting to the end of the year. There are a lot of things to finish up. I am working a lot this weekend.

This weekend is the first weekend of the month. My favorite weekend when I am in Atlanta. I have all the regular aviation activities that happen on the first Saturday. I am flying after the EAA 690 pancake breakfast tomorrow. Always a good time. I am going to miss a presentation from a new turbine engine manufacturer and the class down at American Eagles flight school.

My leadership class is going well on Thursday nights. I certainly have got to know a bunch of people in the area a lot better and the spiritual context gives me a lot to think about. We had some conversation about Sir Edmund Hillary this week. Our paths crossed in Antarctica, spiritually a couple other times.

It looks like I am not traveling that much for a while. I am headed up to Boston after Christmas and I have some trips somewhat emerging for Europe, North America and South America. Nothing is booked at this point, I don't think.

Getting the sawmill working up in NY was fun. I did quite a bit of firewood cutting as well. My Stihl 290 chainsaw worked great.

Lately, I have had to scrape my car windows in the morning. It gets over 50F when I leave work though.

One of the pics below show the "first flitch" of some nice Ash.


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