I have been busy at work. I am planning a trip to Brazil in a couple of weeks. Other than that NY, MA and maybe some other domestic travel for the rest of the Year.

I may go to Haiti in March. I have to get the dates. I will be in Europe in Feb.

It has been windy flying. Too windy to solo, but I still go with an instructor. I have a lot of studying to do.

Here is an article about one of our most recent purchases. AGCO Buys GSI. It is good be be part of an organization where you you feel the executives are doing something meaningful. Unlike my most recent previous employer that hasn't launched a new product in years and spent the capital on questionable custom software. Now they have some plan to start making products in China for the China market. Good luck.

Here is a pic of a 220HP tractor I drove the other day.


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