Today was an exciting day. I bought some laps in a Winston Cup car at Atlanta Motor Speedway. That was a real hoot. Now that I have had a few hours to think about things I know I could have picked my line better and really optimized. You definitely get going fast, especially since it is only a 1.5 mile tri-oval. You are almost always in a curve.The banks are 25%. They are so steep you can certainly fall down them if you are walking. I understand that I got it up to at least 140 MPH. The car had a lot more to give. When I watch the video I feel like a cat watching a bird out the window. I am grabbing the desk and my breathing changes... what a hoot! It was a great experience. I might do it again.

The guy with the Gen 3 T-shirt is Randy Baker.

After my racing thing I went and toured Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Little White House" in Central Georgia. That was great too. You see where he died in 1945 and the painting that is unfinished because he had his fatal brain hemorrhage during the sitting. A lot of huge decisions were made by that man. You definitely get the sense he made at least some of those those decisions there. FDR was a Yankee in Central Georgia. On the property is Dowdell's Knob. Basically it was a picnic spot for the President. It was also quite nice. The name is not very common, except to me.


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