Time moves fast. It moves faster as you get older. Maybe it is as simple as the ratio of your entire experience vs. recent experience or maybe it it is something different.

I went for a hike today. I hiked the next section I hadn't hiked on the Appalachian Trail. Reaching for the calculator, I have discovered that I will finish the entire trail at my current rate in about 22 years.

The forest was very quiet today only speaking with occasional squirrels, a grouse, occasional other birds and a couple of hikers. I am getting better at hiking. Today's hike was a short 8 miles with some very serious vertical. I rested quite a bit and spent 4 hours on the trail, ready for a lot more.

There was a cat that lives at the Hawk Mtn. shelter. That was a nice treat. Of course the cat (with several names in the register. I accepted "Bagel" as the cat's name) was a bit friendly. The cat enjoyed some of my ham and cheese. I enjoyed the cat and conversation with a hiker.


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