The past week has been a blur. DJ has been in Atlanta for a few weeks.

We went and saw Loretta Lynn in concert. What a trip. She won't be doing a whole bunch more concerts, I suspect.

The weather up in NY continues to be difficult. If it isn't bridges washed out, it is high winds ripping barn roofs off like mine. The neighbors barn roof got wrapped around the wires. OK, already, I understand about the destructive aspects of weather and time.

I cropped one of the photos from last weeks air show. It is pretty unbelievable what some of these guys do especially when I find myself a bit to the left or right of the center-line all to often on landing.

I expect to be in the air pretty much every few days for the rest of the summer. The high temps certainly affect aircraft performance. Just because an airplane has four seats doesn't mean it can carry four people. When it is 95 degrees out the newer 172s can only carry 2 people my size, full fuel and a sandwich or two.


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