Well I made it up to NY for the weekend. I think there is a hint of Spring coming on up there. It is more than Spring in Atlanta. I think everyone I know up in NY (or up North for that matter) has told me what a long Winter it has been up there. It will be over soon. DJ and I went to see "Scheherazade" by the Binghamton Philharmonic.

On the way to Church on Sunday we saw a car in the ditch. Getting closer we saw there was someone still in the car. We opened the door and it took less than a full statement to tell us she was bombed. Totally wasted. It was 8:45 AM Sunday. We convinced her to get out of the car and kind of had to drag her out. She had only a toga on, and no shoes. There was a loaded (chambered) bolt action rifle in the back seat. I locked the rifle in the trunk. DJ put the ammo in her purse and we drove her about five miles to her home. That must have been a wild party.

We drove down to Baltimore stopping to see a friend in Newark Delaware. We have been in downtown Baltimore for the last couple of days. Expensive place.

There is a pic of "crooked foot" one of the only two chickens we have left. Crooked foot is exceptional at getting away. The big furry beasts are my neighbor's beefalos. There are a few tiny ones only a couple days old.


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