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You get out of Minneapolis OK or are you still in a bar at the airport?

When we hear a story about how bad off someone else is we start minimizing our own problems and experiences. I'm not sure it's a good thing.

Anyway as far as this place is concerned, what I've taken to telling people is that "Despite what CNN might have you believe, the country is not enveloped in flame."

The situation at the plant in Fukushima has been lifted to 5 on the "serious nuclear shit scale of 7" but the general feeling is that it is contained. There will likely be some illnesses related to radiation out of this but I personally don't think it will be widespread. THe thing is not to try to outrun it, but to limit consecutive exposure. I'm really not THAT scared yet. A more immediate threat for me is a tsunami here - we live 500m from the sea. A 5 meter wave with any momentum does this place in, probably. And the TOKAI earthquake, which is the one that threatens Tokyo, hasn't happened yet.

Really, really tired, but at least we have power most of the time, we are warm, we have food and water and plumbing, etc.

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