I hung around the airport over the weekend as usual. I did get in the air. It was a treat to be at the controls again. It is one of life's great experiences. I am still struggling with ATC. The typical air traffic controller at LZU has a Southern (duh) black accent and he speaks so fast I find it hard to understand the first time, especially when I am busy and he is giving complex instructions. I don't say this light-heartedly. I routinely host teleconferences with people all over the globe and it is common I am translating for one or more of them. English is a second language for ALL of the them (well, except my friends in Kansas). I think the air traffic controller is probably an excellent choice for the student, just like the short grass strip in Greene NY was a great place to learn how to land. Maybe this is prep for my aviation adventures abroad.

Sunday I took a great hike. I hiked over 15 miles (seemed like all uphill). I picked a great day. I think I actually got some sunburn. It was in the 70s. I hiked to the top of Springer Mtn. Georgia. Which is the actual start of the Appalachian Trail (AT-southern terminus). The short time I was there I did not witness anyone finishing the AT. I did however see/meet a sole "though-hiker" start (it's that time of year). No fanfare. No encouragement. No nothing. Just woods.

The video is a plane picking up a towed banner (second attempt). Between him, the corporate jets, and the helicopter training LZU is a exciting place for traffic. It is all on one runway. Coincidentally the same headings as Greene (4N7), 25 and 7.

Tomorrow, I am off to Fargo, North Dakota for a few days. When I get back, DJ is going to meet me at the gate in Atlanta just after she arrives from NY. That will be nice. She will be down for a couple of days.

The fishy pic is a Super H Korean Number 5. It is one of my favorite lunches. I should have propped up the octopus too.


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