I am in Jackson Minnesota. I noticed the metrodome is still collapsed as I flew into Minneapolis (MSP). Jackson is a 3 hour drive from MSP. The roads are pretty straightforward, not a whole lot to look at. I had lunch in Albert Lea MN. I figured I could find a Mexican restaurant and I did. I heard there are four of them in Albert Lea.

It is definately a tragedy in Christchurch NZ. I have pictures of the cathederal somewhere. I will dig them out. It being Februray people are coming off the ice to Christchurch. It is normal to spend a month in "Cheech" after you get off the ice. I sure hope folks in USAP are all ok. However, it appears there are USAP folks missing at this point. As a contractor, you are off-the-clock as soon as you set free in cheech. If you get killed in cheech you are on your own time. There would be no government benefits. They won't even ship your body to the US. They made these facts very clear to me.

I will be in the office Friday. I probably will be in the office for a couple of weeks. I certainly have a lot to do. I have a trip to Fargo ND and Baltimore MD booked. I have a lot to do in Europe. I will probably book a two-week trip in April.

I have been jumping between cold and hot the last two weeks, Brazil, NY, Atlanta, Florida, Minnesota. It is difficult to have the clothes you need and travel light, but I have learned to use sweaters and other layering techniques .


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