It has been a while since I blogged. It was one thing than another. My latest trip to Europe was a success. It is amazing how problems dissolve when you have people in the same room.

I flew into Munich, took the train to Marktoberdorf. After 3 days in Marktoberdorf I hopped on a direct overnight train to Venice, Italy. Unfortunately, It was a night train so I didn't get the benefit of the scenery. It felt good to maneuver the trains and stations. I hardly screwed up at all. Since I was by myself, don't know any other language besides English, and it was the first time, I did ok.

Venice was better than expected. I don't recommend going to Venice by yourself. Also, I was there in winter. I can imagine how busy it must get in season in the evenings. I would definitely avoid that. Exploring first thing in the morning in Venice was cool. There are no crowds and the images were very impressive. I think it is pretty hard to take a bad photo in Venice. I have so many pictures. I ran into some ugly Americans and some ugly Italians. I definitely got the feeling that everything in Venice will be underwater someday, by earthquake, flood or something.

After the weekend in Venice I had two days of meetings in Breganze and Bolzano Del Grappa in Northern Italy. Then back to Atlanta via Holland. I had a long layover in Amsterdam so I took the train downtown and out into the country. It was very nice. My camera battery was dead at that point, however.


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