OK. Scenario: You are doing regular stuff. You know, shopping and what-not. You get in the car, reach in your pocket to get going at the plaza after a store-stop and realize the car key has broken in your pocket. What would you do? I will tell you what I did in a future post. I can tell you that the event was barely noticeable in any delays or errand stops and subsequent efforts.

DJ is in Atlanta for a week. Life is good. I am planning trips to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Kansas. Work is going great. It feels good to be effective and part of a winning executive team. My bosses are great.

I am getting a bit more urban. Although I am looking forward to spending some time back on the farm. I picked up DJ at the airport using mass transit. The MARTA Train is obvious and good. ATL is huge, but when you step back, very special. The fall weather here in Duluth is fantastic.


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