I flew down to Jacksonville FL yesterday to visit my Mom. It was good and convenient to fly commercial down there for the day. Of course I get upgraded to first class since I travel for work so much. I overslept this morning and missed church. After I buy a plane it will take me 2.5 hours. On this commercial flight, after security and getting to the airports (both ends), taxi time, walking to the ground transportation was about 4 hours, even though it was only 45 minutes in the air. I am not saying that general aviation is more efficient. You start thinking like that and you have forgotten about risks. Do what you do to be safe. Stay home, don't get in the shower. Think.

I am studying aviation communications. It is definitely my weakest spot. Back when I was flying around Greene NY the radio wasn't nearly as important as here in the Atlanta area. It is a matter of confidence in the new domain. I hold the highest level Amateur Radio license from the FCC (Amateur Extra), I have a Distinguished Toastmasters Achievement from Toastmasters International (DTM), I worked in Antarctica as a Senior Comms Tech out in the field. You would think it would come easy. I have been through learning curves before. It seems different. People who know me know... I will get on the other side again, no matter what it is.

The following pic is of a DeHaviland Comet, the world's first successful commercial jet aircraft. It predates the Boeing 707. I always thought the engine inside the wing approach made sense. This was the aircraft that taught the world about aluminum metal fatigue.


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