Well it happened. I have had 1000 blog posts spanning ten years of this life that will never happen again. Where on earth do I start? What would you do?

I suppose it is a time for reflection.

Please feel free to put on some music or your choice, because as I post is not my fingertips yet.

I think one important thing to realize is that a whole lot of my life existed before the blog. I did a lot of growing and what not before I stated doing this. It has only been 20% of my life that I have been blogging. On one hand that is a lot. On the other hand it is not. I have also learned more about what to blog and what not to blog. I had to put in some mental filters, albeit not many.

When I started blogging I did it because it was totally new. It did not exist previously. There was nothing known as social networks, wifi, wikis or twitters. Second Life did not exist. It goes on and on. The "user experience" barely existed. I am certainly not happy with google buying blogger and the subsequent reining-in. Today Blogs are largely internal to google in cyberspace. I think a lot about what I need to do with the content and then I never seem to find the time or prioritize it. It certainly needs work. The pics are dropping out now in the archives now. They are all safe, but the complexities with google involved make it difficult. I need to get it away and really get things back in my own host.

One of the things about the blog that fascinates me is the visitors. Looking through the logs you can figure out who the visitors are. I am surprised of some of my visitors. Some are not welcome at one level. But it is free, so all are welcome. Sometimes a tidbit gets picked up by a site and I get a lot of hits on a particular blog. Sometimes I get an email from someone I never met thanking me or asking me a question. I like that a lot.

Sometimes the blog is a bit like prayer. I post and don't know if anyone reads it and really it doesn't matter. It is a bit like thinking on paper. Sometimes I will be doing something and I think that would be a good blog, then I forget about it or whatever. There is no target audience for this blog.

So here I am in a Dunkin Donuts before sun-up in Duluth Georgia blogging on their free WifI planning my trip later today halfway to South Dakota. I finish the trip tomorrow. I guess I wouldn't have thought I would be here doing this, but it also feels like a natural extension of what I was doing ten years ago.

I got my new watch. It has a Barometer, Compass, and Altimeter. On today's flight I get to see how well the cabin is pressurized! http://www.amazon.com/Suunto-Wrist-Top-Altimeter-Barometer-Measurement/dp/B001G7QVV8

I am getting my new car painted next week. Down here is Georgia your wheels needs to be shiney.


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