I am traveling 5 out the next 5 weeks. Fortunately some of that travel includes travel to and from Berkshire, NY. I fly into NY from Wichita and out to Munich. I definitely have a lot of plates spinning. I have a few more to get spinning before the tight rope walk and the encore. Overall, it is a joy.

DJ was down this past weekend. It was great having her here and having someone around to do stuff with. We went to the Shabu Shabu restaurant, the world of Coca-Cola and the Atlanta Aquarium. Not to mention a swim in the pool, the Waffle House and the Kroger.

The Shabu Shabu restaurant was excellent. The service really sucked though. They seemed to really be put off by having two round-eyes as customers. Too bad. I am sure we will go back unless we find another Shabu Shabu restaurant where the service is better. The Asian population in some of the areas North of Atlanta exceeds 60%.

The world of Coca-Cola was fun. They had a great 4-D movie about coke. Interestingly, I ccaanntt seem to drink anything but coke after the experience. They have a tasting room of Coke products from all over the world. It was worth going.

The Atlanta Aquarium really was quite good. It holds stature as the biggest or best of a lot of aquariums. We pet some sharks. I didn't take many photos. There were a lot of folks taking pictures. I suspect it is all pretty well documented.


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