This has been my first weekend in Georgia. The pace of life is reasonable in the Atlanta area. There are two counteracting forces. First it is in a Southern state where things are slowed down, but secondly, it is a high growth booming city. Between these two forces is OK. It is not all go, go, go like NYC.

My internet connection is up. I have a 16Mbs connection for 29 bucks a month. It is fast. There are faster connections available, but this is plenty fast for me.

Yesterday was aviation day. I checked out a couple more flight schools, had breakfast at an EAA airshow and then a lunch as part of a safety seminar at another airport and flight school. I should get in the air next weekend. The flight schools are a whole lot different than what I experienced in Greene NY. Flight training is big business in this area. The plane in the background with me is one of the old clunkers. It is a 2003 172 with GPS, fuel injection and autopilot. I sat in a 2010 182 with only 44 hours on it and a G1000 Glass cockpit. Amazing.


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