I got up in the air today. I flew from Gwinett County Airport to Winder airport. It was good. I did about five landings. Visibility was very low. Legally I need at least three miles of visibility which is very difficult. Once the horizon disappears it is totally different flying if you ask me.

I countered the counteroffer on the lake property. We will see how it goes I guess.


Todd Sheehan said…
All great news Charlie! Good for you! Good luck with the lake house and keep the info coming. Glad you're getting some flying in.
Lanier was the name of an R/C company that made lots of larger sized r/c planes. They were bought up by a bigger company (Great Planes - Tower Hobbies) and shut down there product lines eliminating the competition. If you can't beat them.. .buy 'em.

I'm hoping to get a flying weekend in Toronto. Hope the weather works out.

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