I finally have real broadband access! Through my ham radio connections I managed to get a terrestrial link using a Motorola Canopy solution (5.7 GHz) and a 15 mile (plus) path. Of course, I would have never been able to do this except for I am on a hill that faces the tower in Binghamton. It is a haul. It is safe to say I am at the far fringes. I am working to help expand the system with the installation of a new tower on my property. The dish on the roof is fairly big (nothing like the old c-band TVRO dishes though). I was hoping we were going to get 10 or more Mbps, but I have to settle for speeds just under 5 Mbps. Considering with Wildblue (satellite) I was only getting 600 kbps with 900 ms latencies; I am very pleased.


Anonymous said…
Do you have that 6' dish in your barn? A feed would be easy enough to make... mount it on the silo!

Charles said…

You have to see the feedhorn. It looks like a piece of wood 3 inches wide by 12 inches long. It has ALL the electronics in it. The only cable off the device is outdoor CAT5 with POE (Power Over Ethernet). I probably could use the military solid dish, getting the feed in the sweet spot might take some creativity.

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