Harrison Ford: I have 8 planes, 1 woman By Ruben V. Nepales Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 16:53:00 03/07/2010 Filed Under: Celebrities, Cinema, Entertainment (general), planes LOS ANGELES – Actor-pilot Harrison Ford, asked in our recent interview about how many planes he has, answered with his trademark lopsided grin: “I have one woman but I have eight aeroplanes. The planes have different purposes and the skills required to fly them are different in each case. I’ve always been interested in this continual process of learning and perfecting skills.” Harrison, who can be terse at interviews, was in a good mood in this chat . When a colleague prefaced his question with, “You play a cranky scientist in ‘Extraordinary Measures’ and a cranky TV news anchorman in ‘Morning Glory,’” the actor with the gruff reputation playfully interrupted and quipped to laughter, “Yeah, what about it? Are you getting to something? What’s your point?”


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