Well there has been some significant progress on DJs store. She still doesn't have a grand opening date. So far lots of vacuuming and many trips to the dump and the scrap yard. I am amazed at how much stuff I have laying around here that can be used for this project. My goal is to have less stuff around here as part of this project not more. I put a toilet in. Of course the new toilet is at the other end of the building from the sewer line. The basement is a scary thing. I remember doing this kind of work before in my rental property years ago crawling around oil tanks and up in the joists. It is downright unpleasant. If you don't like dampness and spiders it would make it that much worse. I can't say I like it. I like it best when it is over. I have a bit more drain work to do once we move a couple of walls.

The outside is being painted local historic colors per the local historical society.


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