A lot is going on as normal.

My FAA medical was approved. I am now good to solo and finish my license. I am really looking forward to flying between Sidney and Greene by myself. It took six months to get that mess straightened out. I could write a nice article on how to approach an FAA medical renew. I was starting to think I was sick based on the reluctance and run around. What a waste of federal tax paper money and general bureaucracy. One of the conditions they provided me is that if I feel a kidney stone coming on I am not supposed to fly. Jeepers! I wish they could tell me what to do on everything else in my life and what I am supposed to do and not do. Duh!! Well anyway, I am now legal to fly for the next two years.

G. Mills and family were down. We went hunting. We did not get anything. We both need to get our first deer ever. Douglas on the other hand got his first deer ever on opening day.

This picture reminds me that I need to paint the silo.

DJ Signed the lease on the bakery building. Good deal and all, but there is a fair amount of work before the grand opening is even scheduled. Everything new is scary. And this is new. A new business is all risk. As with almost all business efforts success is enhanced by managing the risk as best you can. I will be doing plumbing down there over the holiday. There is a good mix of partnership with important stakeholders with a healthy amount of cynicism.


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