This time of year is always busy getting ready for Winter. I spent most of the weekend working on the solar system. I had some successes as well as a set back. The heat exchanger is broken! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I charged/filled the the domestic side of brand new unit (although waiting for me to install for almost a year) and water started coming out the loop. I plugged the loop and I am planning on some interesting conversations with the Rheem people. It was a good thing that I didn't have the loop connections tight. I wouldn't have noticed the defect and the cross contamination would have put antifreeze in my hot water supply and regular water in the loop possibly breaking my collector. I have just a couple more fittings and some control wiring. This was a bigger project (still not done) than expected (usual). I look forward to the next project at this point.

The basement partially flooded this week (drainage issue). What a drag. I mean my advice is to everyone I know. "It is not if your basement floods it is a matter of when." My basement has been very dry for the last 8 years; it is a walkout basement and no sump or anything. These things happen, even if only by a leaking pipe.

My FAA medical should be back (this week for sure). What a complete hassle. The FAA medical process is the means to take away General Aviation privileges. My general physician and everyone else knows I am perfectly fit to fly a plane. A typo screws it all up.

My Mom is in the hospital in Florida. That sucks.


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