My mom is doing better. She is still in the hospital, but somewhat better.

This week has yielded several insprirational elements. Let's focus on a few.

Look for inspiration. Look! It is all around you all the time. We forget to do that. It is easy to be distracted by the everyday events and moments. Every element of nature is inspirational. They are all miracles. Everything is internal.

Choose your character. Choose. Changes aren't easy. Choose, and move towards the target.

"If you haven't ever have been at least a little embarassed by your past you don't understand growth and development. For goodness is made of that stuff." ---Charles Dowdell

My friend and co-worker Clark Wallin passed away very suddenly Saturday Night-Sunday Morning. He was in good shape Friday. We didn't have a lot of discussion or contact Friday, but we talked. He seemed a little pre-occupied, but nothing much out of the ordinary. Clark and his wife were fellow llama/alpaca ranchers. In fact, Clark hooked me up with Rosie and Ultima (rescue llamas). We spent time here on our farm as well as on his farm. I learned practical matters from Clark. He was easy going and amicable, well liked and filled with virtue. It was a shock. It will take a while. There is a service Wednesday evening.

Oh yeah, here is a pic of the annual Ketchumville halloween TP aftermath.


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