It has been a very quiet weekend. I made a nice (real) worm-wood maple mirror frame today. It seems like I made more sawdust than anything else though, between that and the chainsaw work. There is always a lot more to do. Firewood has become a priority. It is so quiet here. I have to crank up the tunes sometimes just so there is something.

I will be fitting up the solar system (gotta love that term, I mean the entire Solar System, part of the Milky Way) soon. I figure I have at least 10 trips to town before it is functional. I did two trips this weekend, not bad. I get real fussy with the plumbing. It has to be right and straight, like soldiers one of my mentors used to say.

The llamas love this weather. They are in their groove. Just touching freezing at night and in the 50s in the day with a dry breeze. They love it.


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