Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean nothing has been happening. After I finally got over that nasty summer cold, I have been trying to catch up. My achilles heel still bothers me; I have to be careful. I feel like an old fart sometimes and all I have to talk about is my health. That is going to stop.

We cut all the brush and trees down in front of the house. It looks a lot better. Don't ask me if it will make my taxes go up.

Greg and Sandy Mills (and Lucy) were down for a couple of days. We dug the solar collector ditch among other things. Now I have to get it installed as well as the other stuff that goes in the ditch.

I guess some of the big news is that I passed my test for Certified Information Security Manager. So after the paper work gets complete I become Charles Dowdell, CISM. The test score is scaled so it isn't really a matter of making the grade. You have to make teh grade compared to other folks who have taken the test.

I have been flying a bit. It is hard to comprehend the transformation that has happened to me with that activity. I definately love flying. I can't wait to get my licence. It all takes time. It is a matter of persistance.

I have been working on the town newsletter again with the other folks. Here is my most recent article:

What’s in a name?

Charles Dowdell

Berkshire NY. Think about the name of our town; what mental imagery comes to your mind?

Besides our great local history, we can have great comfort and pride in our extended heritage. Berkshire is the name of our town for some excellent reasons and we share great things with our namesakes.

Most other Towns and Cities in N.Y. were named from the “Atlas of the Ancient World” We know that the name of our Town is from several families from Berkshire County Massachusetts who occupied our area in 1791. The Berkshires, which is what the region is commonly called, consists of tree covered rolling mountains. Very much like our town the area consists of beautiful green covered hills. The area is alive with culture, nature and harmony. It is difficult not to experience peace spending any length of time in the region.

The Berkshires obtained its name from English settlers from Berkshire England. Berkshire England in Southeast England is the home of Windsor Castle, a primary home of Queen Elizabeth II. This English County can be considered the upper crust of culture and sophistication in the Western World. Although, it may seem like a world away, the connection with old England aristocracy is here.

What else do we know about the name of our town?

Have you heard of Berkshire-Hathaway? Maybe the company is only best known by folks on Wall Street and some of the biggest investors in the world. Berkshire-Hathaway is arguably the most prestigious and respected companies in the United States, headed by the eccentric Warren Buffet. Yes, Berkshire-Hathaway’s name has the same roots as our Town. Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates in the Berkshires was one of the originating factory-companies. The company may not be a household name; however everyone knows success of Berkshire as the parent company of GEICO and a multitude of other brands and companies.

Although some days it may not feel we have this extended heritage, we do. We are from the same stock as our namesakes. We have a significant history and a pedigree outside of our town boundaries and we have a name that describes our past, future, and who we are.


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