I had a good birthday Tuesday. Yes, I am another year older. I am currently in Nashville TN for a few days for work. And after traveling quite a bit for years I was unfortunate enough to have the Airline lose my luggage. Now I am scrambling to get what I need. I now own a new Golf shirt, Golf belt, Golf socks and Golf underwear. I am now even thinking about taking up golf. The cashier at a restaurant asked me a question about golf since I am obviously very knowledgeable about golf based on the money I drop on Golf clothes. I was happy with myself that I didn't freak out at the airline. They can't help it. They gave me a very informative pamphlet about lost luggage and educated me that I was carrying around a type 22D piece of baggage. There was a brief point where they started to point out where *I* made a mistake that lost my luggage, but I pointed out that I did everything in my control. Not that it could possibly be their fault, it did neutralize the discussion.


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