Yeah we are back. Sorry for the delay. What a great trip. I have lots of more pics to post. Luckily we had left before the big earthquake. Interestingly. the epicenter was right where we went fishing.

Here are a couple for starters. I had a pretty good seat on the plane ride huh? It was a great ride in a Cessna 208. It was very interesting for me and time flew watching the pilots. I learned a lot about turbine power plants. We caught 14 sailfish in one day. Fishing was excellent! The smallest one was about 80 pounds. The largest was over 15 feet long! In thinking about the fishing trip I realized the expereince cost more than my first boat. Then I thought then that the fish were bigger than my first boat. We caught well over a thousand pounds of fish. I didn't get a pic of a fish jumping, but I am still having the vision pop into my head. There is nothing like seeing a 15 foot fish jump 20 feet in the air about a 1/4 mile away from the boat and realizing that the only thing between me and the fish is the rod a reel. Unquestionably, it is world-class extreme fishing.


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