Spring officially starts in about an hour and a half. It was a long winter. There wasn't that much snow nor did we get record low temps, but it was hovering around zero or below zero degrees for weeks and weeks and weeks. Good ridance. It was good to take vacation that first week in March as I did last year. The benefits are a combination of daylight's savings time changing, weather breaking up North and the respite of the Winter fatigue. It worked well this year. It is the way to enter spring.

My hard drive is causing me trouble. My computer has been open on the desk for a few days with the hard drive kinda hanging out. CHKDSK won't run. It runs to 74 percent and hangs. It is a weird one. I bought a new hard drive. I will reformat everything and it will be good for another year. The computer needed to be cleaned out anyway.At least I don't loose a lot of data like I used to in he old days.

I am headed to the scrap yard tommorow. I have pretty much picked clean the fields of scrap metal this year. I only found one old tractor tire. I have the new jeep, well... "off the road". The old jeep has been picked over and off to the scrap yard.

Check out the one armed baggage handler guy at the Golfito airport.


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