It has been a while. I have fallen behind on many activities.

I made another trip to my Mom's place in Rochester. This time I left the trailer at home. I am getting the place ready to rent. Property always looks worse when it is empty. You see defects in the paint and the carpet and all that. I will be headed back up in a couple of weeks to help Jeff get the place in shape. I am being very choosy on tenants. If there is one thing I have learned about being a landlord it is that the focus needs to be on high-quality tenants.

I am a bit surprised how much use I have been getting out of the trailer even in the winter. I moved a Jeep for Douglas the other night on top of using it to move my Mom's stuff. My house capacity is near maximum. I literally have boxes stacked to the ceiling in the basement. When warehouse space gets over 70 percent to capacity (or so) efficiency is greatly diminished (interesting tidbit of information). It is a bit depressing.

The pic of me and a coworker on the plane was taken by my boss a while back. I thought it was an unusual picture. We really don't take pictures like this in our busy lives.

The trailer truck spun out in median was the only wreck pic I have captured lately. I saw a few more.

Today's list is packing for Costa Rica, burning trash, paying bills, empty truck, organize office and a few other things.

We are leaving for Costa Rica Wednesday. I am taking dog biscuits for our host Karen. Her dog misses them.


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