Surprising enough we have made it to our final destination. We are at Zancudo Beach on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. I am in shorts drinking an Imperial beer in the beach cabina. I have wireless access. Talk about ubitutous computing. This is it.

We flew standby on two flights including the flight from San Jose to Golfito. We didn't even get boarding passes. We handed over another 30 bucks and were escorted to the single engine Cessna without a lot of red tape.

After we got off in Golfito we grabbed a cab to get to the dock (surprised we made that connection) then after a half hour boat ride landed in downtown Zancudo. Another 15 to 20 minute truck ride down the only street. We arrived in paradise. You may have heard already that paradise is not perfect, but that is another story. We almost ran over an iguana (Basilisk) about 3 foot long on the road.

There are waves of defining sounds of insects like cicuadas. I mean it can get really loud when all the little buggies go at once. Audio file will follow.


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