"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

-- Benjamin Franklin, Inventor

I am back from Ohio. I went out almost to Cincinnati to pick up a "Tobacco Setter." I will be using it for planting blueberries this coming year. It is good for all sorts of transplant crops. It hooks to the tractor and two people ride on it placing seedlings in a spot that gets automatically planted and watered. The guy I bought it from said he has recently sold three of them all to people from NY. It was a great deal so I figured it was justified to spend some money on a nice place to stay. I learned a lot about the Amish.

Of course as soon as I got back I won a great deal on a tire changer on ebay out on Long Island. I will be headed out there in a couple of weeks.

Check out the Amish guy putting the stuff from Walmart in his buggy. I learned a lot. The Amish seem to like Mountain Dew.

And of course, I have to get a picture of at least one of the wrecks I saw.


Anonymous said…
Holy cow, that's how you put a car on its lid!


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