Soon it will be 2009. Aren't we supposed to be living on the moon by now, at least? I will be heading up to Rochester. I may be headed up to Canada to look at a firewood processor some guy has for sale too. I will be in Chicago the 9th through the 12th for work and then later in the month out in Ohio to pick up some new farm equipment.

A neighbor had a house fire on Christmas. This guy is always doing something, from working on a boat to cars to outboards to minibikes. I would always check out his latest project as I drove by. Now he is busy sorting through and tearing down. I hope he replaces with something nicer looking than what he was living in. Either way it was clearly a tragedy for the family.

I ran 5k yesterday in 23:30. That made me feel pretty good. I am on target for my fitness goal.


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