I didn't get a deer yet. Greg and I went out Saturday and Sunday morning. We got a glimpse of a couple. We learn more everytime. Being out in the wood sis so nice at sunrise. It has been hovering around zero degrees out there both mornings. Staying warm while sitting perfectly still can be a challenge, but if you dress for it it can be done.

I am very disappointed by the other deer hunter tracks we have found. There is absolutely no regard for the property being posted. Absolutely none. I am taking action, cool and collected. I will be making an example of these guys when I catch them. I will proscecute to the maximum level. Word will start getting around then. Just like most form projects, it is a multiyear effort.

I sold my nice log. I only got 85 bucks for it. It was worth 60 as firewood. That was a disappointment too. I am thinking I am going to but the sawmill soon. I need beams for the addition. It is the think to do. I am looking for tire changers on ebay too. I am so tired of tire mounting charges at the mechanic.


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