I managed to spend most of the weekend outside. That is always a good thing especially this time of year. We have had three killing frosts so far this Fall. We are expecting another tonight. It is time to relinquish the outdoors to nature for the duration. I am taking Tuesday off. The to-do list is still long. Adding to it is that I have a really nice maple that fell down out back. It looks like lumber to me ($). There is a sub-species of hard maple that only grows in this area. The veneer grade logs are the most valuable timber around. Let's see how it goes. Besides the lumber I have tractor work, firewood and getting the solar system installed among my list of unfinished Summer projects.

Jeff (Squid), DJ and I worked on DJ's pole barn moving four of the posts to their proper location. DJ gets to run her backhoe. I get to lift stuff and use the shovel.


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