Fall is falling on us. It is that time of year when the inevitability of a coming Winter is becoming just a bit more than a future state of mind.

I was thinking about self-discipline. It occurred to me that it is a double edged sword as most things are. Self-discipline allows you to change in ways that put you where you want to be, what you want to do, where you see yourself belonging. On the other hand, self-discipline moves you away from where you are naturally and comfortable. Is comfort and nature where you need to be?

I had to take a picture of Jim Morrison in the trash. It looked like real art in its context.

I am getting about 6 eggs a day now. There are three roosters getting me up in the morning. That number will come down to 1. There is a brood hen sitting on a clutch up in the corn crib. Maybe there will be little chicks.

The hay wagon is coming along. It is painted and I have the lumber. I need to finish sand blasting the wheels and get them painted and get the platform built.


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