Well getting my internet access straightened around is a big deal. I feel as though I had a big damp blanket pulled off me and now it is time to dry off and and figure out what's next. My antivirus is working again properly - and it is all good (cyberspace speaking).

I got about half of my new heavy duty posted signs up today. I found the property lines ok except for one corner. I have had problems at the corner before too. There is a iron pipe and all that .. I just cant seem to find it. Being color blind doesn't help. I just can't see a lot of the blazes. Maybe I should just buy a GPS again. Borrowing one makes more sense at the moment. I enjoyed my walk. There is nothing quite like it. It is certainly better than TV.

I used my new brush cutter around the pond. All the trees and brush are getting the axe (saw) this fall/winter around the pond. It needs attention based on what I learned in pond school a couple of years back.

The jeep decided to run today. It has a intermittent ground or something for the fuel pump. I did not get anything listed on eBay today like I was planning.

The pics show a "busy intersection" out in the woods that was easy to find and some "shrooms" that decided to sprout near the barn.


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