I got my internet at home working again via satellite. The LNA went bad and had to be replaced. This time thru Wild Blue. It is pretty fast. I am getting 1Mbps downloads. That is fast enough. One of the side benefits is that this system is that it is ethernet versus the USB connection on the old modem so I can network this connection to the new TV, the neighbors, and the toaster if needed. Now I have to change my email address and all that goes with that. I also have to create the simple webpage that is on the posted signs I will be hanging in a few minutes. No hunting allowed on the property this year. I reached the breaking point this past summer. Having the land is great but it does require some management that isn't always fun.

Having the dish tv is different. Now there are 100 channels of infomercials.

I got some more components for the electric car, hopefully I can start getting the test stand operational today. I left a note (offer to purchase) a Geo Tracker that is off the road. With a little luck I will get that. Worst case is that I have to buy one retail (completelely functional) and sell the engine and other stuff I won't be needing like the, starter, and radiator.

I have quite a list to get done this weekend and fair amount is based on having internet again. The jeep is not operational and I had to reorder the manual (which I seem to have lost) so I can troubleshoot.

There have been some nice sunrises lately and I have been taking more photos. Here is a unretouched sunrise the other day on the way to work and my electric car test stand.


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