Bonnie is doing better. They got one of the stones out. A future lipotripsy will get the other big one.

She was doing well enough that we decided to have me to continue to Atlanta, where I am now at the CIDM Best Practices Conference. My presentation went well. I have another couple days of meetings. It feels good to be ahead in our processes compared to other folks. The Future is even better.

I have alot of work to get ready for winter still. I am looking forward to finishing projects I started earlier this year. After working outside last winter in Antarctica, I plan on working outside more this winter in tame-ol upstate ny. You must dress and regulate. What I mean by regulate is you have to manage your clothing. If you get hot, remove; if you get cold add. Humans can't regulate their heat that well. It requires a manual process. Knowing that makes a big difference.


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