We are off to Chautaqua lake a for a few days. I am fishing for walleyes.

The rabbits and birds really enjoy not having Tioga the cat around. We don't hear all the danger shrills from the birds and the bunnies are pretty much coming to the back door. I haven't really looked at cats yet. I am thinking a Maine Coon cat or two this time. We know we want a big cat.

I have gotten serious about losing the 10 pounds I put on in Antarctica. Food is always on my mind. I am running the 5k running race next Thursday for the corporate challenge. Every pound I don't have to carry with me helps. I will run it about 25 minutes.

The Subaru has been in the shop. It blew a head gasket and it is getting a new catalytic convertor, brakes, tires, and I am sure a few other things by the time it passes inspection.

I have had a couple of great flying lessons. My last lesson was the usual mix of good and bad, pride and shame, and other elements of learning. The exciting part was on one of my takeoff rolls a deer ran out in front of me! I was going about 30 or 40 MPH. I am really proud of how I handled it. I killed the throttle, got on the brakes, braked evenly and straight. Then turned around to try again without the deer part. My instructor was very surprised. It had never happened to him before. We both (and others at the airport) have a new story to tell.


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