I bought a new digital camera. The thing has so many features. All I want is to be able to take some photos, jeepers. I ended up with a Canon SD 700is. I was looking for a small, hi res cammera. I will still be using the good old Sony Mavica but this one is a lot more mobile. It fits in a small pocket and with a 2 gig card I will be able to put hundreds or thousands of photos on it without screwing around.

I ran in the corporate challenge the other night. I finished the 5k in 25:30. The cool thing was that I did not push my heart rate to maximum. Although it was not what you would call relaxing, it was not stressful. I am going to be getting my time down, but it is going to be a fair amount of work to do it. I think if I keep my work out routine consistant It will come. It just takes a while.

The weather is supposed to be great this weekend. My list is long. The lawnmower mower deck is broken, the Bobcat tire has a hole, llama house needs leveling, the fence needs straightening, firewood needs chopping, and the car get new brakes (front and rear), as well as an assortment of other items that are written on the 3 x 5 card that is in the other room.

Meet Rosey the llama. We are going to have the llamas in the barn this winter. I have to figure out some lower maintenence living quarters. The llamas are getting into the chicken feed and the chickens don't like it one bit. Of course the chickens have been getting into the llama feed all along.


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