I am relaxing today. Saturday was a long day (Following a long Friday afternoon and evening). Being the co-chair for the Toastmasters conference took quite a bit out of me. I was running from 6:00 AM past 10:00 at night all with a suit on in a social gathering/public speaking setting. I emceed the award ceremony luncheon for the deputy mayor of Binghamton; it went well, I was speaking and leading all day and all night. The hotel bill indicated that the 150 Toastmasters must have had a good time as well. It all adds up, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, snacks, speech contests, educational presentations, and all the other stuff. We spent more than we originally planned, but we made more as well. We have to finish paying the bills, reporting the finances and basically cleaning up. They gave me a nice plaque for my efforts. I was glad it rained all day Saturday; I didn't mind being stuck inside all day. Overall it was a good experience and good project management training. Most people avoid things like this because it is uncomfortable. The trick is in realizing that there is often growth and learning in your discomfort. Believe me, I don't like discomfort either. Doses of it can be beneficial. Enjoy and look for the benefit (maybe it is there, maybe not). Like mentioned in one the excellent speeches... "You are preparing for something."

I cut my finger pretty bad the other day and I used one these new hydro collodial bandages, weird. It seems to work super-well, so well it seems a little scary. It got me curious about nanotechnology and I have been reading up.

Microjets aka VLJs have some interest today as well. Perhaps all economy has to do with moving things around including information, we are slaves to transaction costs.


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