Things have been busy. I think though that things are always busy and not busy at the same time. It is often how you view it.

I had a pleasant experience a while back. The power went off for several hours in the middle of the night. The house stayed warm and the grandfather clock still chimed. The way I noticed the power was off was because the clock radio was blinking. I may have to get a wind-up alarm.

We are going to look at an old water mill this weekend. We looked at it years ago. It is for sale now.

The following pic is a different old water mill I discovered a few years back. For people who are not looking, it can be very difficult to appreciate what they are. Most of them are not being saved. They are slowly but surely going away.


Anonymous said…
The picture of your mill does not appear, could you fix it please?

Thank you,
G. Mills

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