I have been doing homework all weekend. I ended up in two classes for some bizzare reason. One of the classes is a no-credit research class. Every program has one. It does not matter how many times you have taken a similar class. Using academic databases online is still pretty much a pain that it always has been compared to using google.

I have to go out and get some hay this afternoon then it it is a Christmas party for Bonnie's work.

It is hovering in the low teens her on the farm. We are almost always colder than the published temps in the area. We are in an "outlying area."

These pics are a little old but are from Maine NY which is the next town south of the farm. The way I understand it there were lands annexed by New England colonies in the formative years of New York state. In my area we have Berkshire, Maine, New Conn., all part of these annexes supposedly. I have been listening to my 1940 Philco AM radio console all weekend. It is astonishing how good that thing sounds and how sensitive it is. I can easily pick up WBZ from boston (very listenable). The shortwave bands come in well too. It is just a little harder to tune than the AM band.


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