Man, I hate to wait. It was a real wait to post tonight. slow.... ///

There is the usual multitude of stuff going on. I mowed a bunch. I still have an issue with the tractor that it loses power after an hour of mowing. I checked the injection pump oil level, cleaned the radiator fins, re-looked at the vacuum issue in the fuel tank, did some web research, looked through my manuals, and it still happens. After an hour I decided (looking at the big picture) it is a feature. I have more clues, but I think it might be devine grace. I could sit in there with a mission mowing for hours and hours and get miserable. I have approximately 3 hours left to mow the particular field I am working on. My neighbor was mowing at the same time as I was today. He makes a little better speed. He has a really nice new mower (maybe 20k$) and a 100 hp+ tractor. My little 65 hp German communal machine is doing fine. I was a little surprised on how well it did in a farm-to-farm comparison.

It has been hot for around here. I listen to the weather radio when I mow. They said it was 89 degrees F.

I put up a fence out back for llamas walks, so we have a place to put them when we are entertaining. I put a fence around our vegatable garden too. The plants are doing well. Bonnie and I are happy with our garden this year.

I have re-engineered my exercise cycle/ham radio generator machine a couple more times. Every time I change something major I think it is the last time. However, It looks like I have a good combination of; batteries, gear ratios, metrology, circuitry, mechanical alignments and systems, and output. I can pump 4 or five amps in the car batteries as needed now. A half-hour of 4 amps is plenty for my body. I have to calculate how many amp-hours per oatmeal cookie it works out to be. I have to post some pics. I am defensive however, my experiments always look like diasasters. I have clip leads everwhere and all the other stuff to get there is still out. At this hour I have most of the mess cleaned up and and a functional unit. Just to prove the finesse I made a permanent mounting of the blocking rectifier, (so the bicycle isn't pedaling by battery power by itself. I used a 10 amp rectifier I had it stock. I only have a eleven left now. (ouch).

I get up early. These days I am usually up at 5:00 am. This morning I had deer at the front door. The doors are wide open with screens so it was kind of tricky to get up close to door without startling the deer. I got a photo (through the screen, sorry) after she had moved away a bit. We saw a fawn on the commute the other day. The birds have been a lot of fun. I saw a nice bobolink Saturday.

I have been reading a bunch of Brian Tracy stuff lately. We have connected.

My new food I am making these days are spring rolls. I had some for dinner tonight. It is good warm weather food.

Too much to talk about. Life is full.


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