Times Square Webcam

I was in Manhattan Tuesday night through Friday evening this past week. I think that was the highest I have ever slept. I was on the 34th floor. I don't think I have ever stayed in a room higher than that. I am not sure though. It was interesting watching Good Morning America on TV and essentially being there at the same time. I ate fish and Thai food. The food was great; surprisingly, I didn't really gain any weight.

I took a project management class at the American Management Association facility at 8th and 48th. The class was good. I met and worked with some interesting folks from around the country. The instructor remarked that our class was a good one. I think she really meant it. We were all very interested in learning. Project Management is an interesting subdiscipline of management. Some companies have a natural culture of project management and others do not. I like project management because the terms used are highly defined, like physics. It is also a suite of techniques, in effect, to reduce or remove politics and improve communication. It is both an art and science.

Back at home we got a new Rooster. Liz and Ken brought him over. He was a pretty rooster. Unfortunately, he didn't last a week. Bonnie found him dead outside after she let them out for exercise. We figure our cat Tioga killed him. We didn't properly introduce them to each other. We figure Tioga saw him beating up on his hens and stepped in to protect the chicks. The rooster of course wouldn't back down in a situation like that and he lost. The rooster's neck was snapped.

It is muddy out there. I mean really muddy. The TV is calling for flash floods and warning aganist travel.

The following pic was taken a year or so ago. I like it. It shows the weather we are looking forward to right now and the common valley fog I like.


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