Pervasive computing journal

I received my first copy of Pervasive computing yesterday. Interesting journal and of typical IEEE high quality.

I was invited to co-author a journal article in another journal this week, which I accepted. I was invited by a Physicist PhD to collaborate on an article describing how a special area of economics afflicts technical communications and the information industry. The foundation work was first published in 1967. The concept I would characterize as part of the body of the "Economics Way of Thinking." John Maynard Keynes describes this kind of thinking as an "apparatus of mind." I think the article will have some good life to it as it resonates through the community in which we are introducing it. Also this week, I was asked to contribute to a book (soon to be published) on the Toyota way as it applies to technical communication. I agreed. I will not have my name on the cover but I will be credited in the book. So this week seems to have the theme of being published. It is on my life list.

I have quite a bit of homework this weekend again. I am getting a lot out of the class.

The ducks are still very nervous. We are afraid they are going to hurt themselves when we feed them. We are talking to them to help them settle in.

Hopefully, I can find some time to mess around with some radio stuff this weekend.

I am taking next Tuesday off. I am going to a tool auction in Rochester. It might be a good one. You have to be very selective on the auctions you go to.

Here is a video for download that best describes Power Theory, referent vs. legitimate. (2 Meg, wmv)


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